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(Cont.) Planning The Perfect Princess Party!

(Continuing from our last blog post) you've hired your princess entertainer.... now what? There are a few more steps to follow to make your princess party perfect!

5. Send out the royal invitations!

Let your guests know the party date, time, location by sending them a royal invitation. Don't forget to remind your guests to dress in their best princess/prince attire! Our company's suggestion is to always invite the guests AT LEAST 15-30 minutes before the entertainer is scheduled to arrive, that way the children are all settled by the time the princess enters your party! Doing the food portion of your party after the princess leaves is always a great idea. A good example of how you could time your party is the following:

11am- Invite the guests to arrive ( this is the time you write on your invite)

11:15am- It usually takes about 10-15 minutes for all the guests to trickle in. You could put on some music or even play a quick game while the children are arriving!

11:30am- The princess arrives and takes charge of your party! ( either for 60 minutes or 90 minutes, depending on which package you book)

Approx 12:30pm - The princess gives goodbye hugs and as she is leaving you can have the children sit the children down at the table for food!

1pm- End of the party!

6. Get all your extra bits and bobs!

The birthday girl's special outfit, the cake, the goodie bags, the decorations... there are MANY extras you could buy to make your party extra magical. Have a look on Pinterest for "princess party ideas" and you will get some incredible inspiration for your party. Do you NEED lots of extras to have the perfect princess party? Absolutely not! But if you have the budget it sure is lots of fun!

7. The Party Day Is Here!!!!!

You party day is finally here... your little one is so excited for her friends to get there and for her special guest to arrive. There are a few last minute details to remember to make your party magical!

  • The Car and The Parking- As fun as it would be to turn up in a carriage, sadly there are not many carriages available in this kingdom, so the princess will be arriving in a car! She will need to park close to the house/venue, so in order to keep the magic alive for the children, if possible we suggest closing the blinds/curtains. We find it works best not to let the children see her getting out of her car ( it's not the most magical first impression) so we suggest keeping the children inside until she knocks at the door!

  • The Chair and the Plug- The only set up our princess needs is a chair next to an electric socket, with enough space for the children to sit on the floor in front!

  • Have Fun and Enjoy- Once the princess is in, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the show! It's so much fun to just sit back and watch the children while they interact with the princess and experience the MAGIC!

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