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The most unreal ‘real’ job you’ll ever have!

Entertainment and Events - 10Square4Diam

At Magic At My Door, you can work a couple of days a week, make between $75 and $105 per hour (plus tips) and have a *blast* while doing it!  And, after working here, you too can add Fairy, Princess, Mermaid, or Unicorn’ to your resume! If you love working with children, have an enthusiastic personality, love performing then we would love to see you apply! 




What we look for:


- Great weekend availability ( Must be available most weekends- Both Saturdays and Sundays, from approximately 9am to 6pm) 


- Based in the Greater Toronto Area  


- Confidence, Strong Acting and Performing ability 


- Singing ability is a bonus (but not required)


- Natural warmth and ability to work with children


- Ability to learn and perform scripts 


- A drivers license and access to a car on weekends. (A driver's license and access to a car may be substituted by a reliable family member who is fully available to drive you to party locations on weekends) You will be required to drive to bookings within the GTA. 


- Must be a minimum of 18 years old





Between $75 and $105 for each party (parties are usually 60 minutes to 90 minutes long) 

The exact rate of pay depends on how far the party is from your location. Our performers travel all over the GTA.  Our performers can do up to 3 party bookings per day.



To apply please send us an email ( ) with the following details filled in. Please be sure to provide us with answers to all sections below- 




1. Name:



2. Email: 



3. What is your Current Employment Status ( Employed, Unemployed, Self Employed, Student): 



4. Please Provide us with Your Dress Size ( This will help determine what character costumes we would potentially fit you in):



5. Do you have any tattoos or piercings? (if yes, please specify their location and size):



6. We require you to provide your own vehicle to get to parties. (Please know, getting to bookings via public transport, Ubers or taxis will not work for this position)  Please Select one of the following:


Option 1-  I have my Own Car and would drive myself to parties/bookings



Option 2-  I do not drive, but I do have a responsible family member who would be fully available and willing to drive me to paties/bookings on weekends



Option 3- I do not currently drive or have my own car, but I will have one within the next 2 months (in the meantime, I have a family member who can drive me to parties/bookings)



7. What is your availability like on weekends? Please let us know on average how many "weekend days" per month you would be available for parties. ( Please let us know if this availability is likely to change within the next 4-6 months) We are looking for performers available all day on MOST weekends (All day Saturday and Sunday) :



8. Where do you live in the GTA? (if you live at more than one address, please provide us with further details, including where you generally live from Fridays-Sundays):



9. Are you over the age of 18?



10. Please remember to attach a current headshot with your application email. We would prefer a "Full Colour Shot", showing Your Smile and Enthusiastic Personality! :  



11.  If you have any youtube links of you performing please feel free to share the links below (not required) :





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