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Party Requirements & Terms of Service 

COVID 19 Policies:

We ask that clients acknowledge and follow the following procedures to ensure the health and safety of everyone in attendance

- Your total guest count must not exceed current social gathering numbers set by the Ontario government

-Please let us know if you would like the performer to wear a mask throughout. 

-Our performer is happy to perform either inside or outside (as long as the weather outside is suitable) . For outdoor parties, please see rain/weather policy below. 

Party Requirements


We want to provide you with the BEST party possible! In order for your performer to deliver her very best performance, we will need your cooperation with a few extra details. 


Outdoor parties/ Weather Policy 


ALL Parties must take place indoors from “approximately” November 1st to March 30th. From Approximately April 1st to October 31st,  our performers are happy to perform either indoors OR outdoors, as long as it is not extremely cold (This is “approximate” as we are flexible with this on warm days and less flexible on cold days). To look like the chosen character, our performer cannot wear a warm coat, warm boots, or a hat.  If your guests are wearing warm coats, warm boots, and hats then it is too cold for the performer to stay outside for the duration of the party, and the party must be moved indoors .  



The character cannot be outside even in light rain conditions. If you choose to have the party outside, you must have a plan in place as a backup in case of rain. 


Please note, we are unable to accept bookings that depend fully on the weather cooperating. (Example: a party taking place in a park with no alternate plan in place for bad weather/cold weather , such as a waterproof tent or an indoor venue as a backup.)


If it’s raining on the day of your party, you can go for one of the 3 options below. 


  1. You can move the character and entertainment indoors

  2. You can provide a fully waterproof tent/cover. As long as the performer and her gown are not getting wet or muddy, the show can go ahead.

  3. If the above two options are not available, and it starts to rain, our performer would halt the show and do the rest of the show virtually ( at the earliest available time) The full balance would still be due.





Please note, smoking is not allowed in the area our performer is performing in. Please ensure the space is a 100% smoke free environment. 


Space and Requirements For the Entertainment 


Please prepare a chair for the princess to sit on for Storytime and space for the kids to sit on the floor in front, ideally 2 meters away from the princess. It is very important to put away all toys and limit other activities/ distractions while the princess is there.   ( ex. bouncy castle, play areas, play sets, adults chatting loudly etc) If you have other activities or any distractions going on while the character is performing, her planned activities may not be possible and the character may need to change your visit to a “meet and greet”.  Please ask in advance if you would like further details or clarification on why we have this policy. 



Timing is Everything


It is very important that you allow your guests more than enough time to arrive, or eat if you are having a meal before the entertainment. In fairness to other bookings, delaying a character’s start is often not an option. We recommend inviting your guests at least 30 minutes before your character’s start time. Our performer will not be able to “stay over” the time she has been booked for. 

If you ask the performer to delay OR stay over her scheduled time and it HAPPENS to be possible on the day of your party, any start time delays OR extra time will be billed at $40 for every 15 minutes you have the performer delay/extend her time. This option is very rarely possible -  so it’s very important to book the correct start time in advance, please only ask the performer if it is possible to extend her time or delay the start time if you are happy with the above extra cost. 



Grand Entrance/Exit


To make her entrance/exit magical for your guests- Our entertainer will call you 5 minutes before entering and may need help to bring in/ out her party case and speaker.  Please come outside to meet her and have a quick chat before she enters.



Parking and Finding your Home/ Venue


Our performer will require parking.  In order for our princess to enter on time, it is very important  to provide us with accurate and detailed parking instructions. If you are planning to have the performer park on the street or in a “paid” parking zone ( and parking is limited in your area) it is very important to save a spot for the performer.  Please know, it is your responsibility to pay for any parking fees (if applicable).  Please be sure to provide suitable directions/ instructions if your address is hard to find, you are having a party in a condo/apartment, or if your address does not come up properly on a GPS device or on google maps.



Feeding the Children During the Entertainment 


Please know, some of our performers have nut allergies, for the health and safety of our performers, please keep all food items containing nuts out of the performance room and away from our performers. For various reasons we ask that you please do not feed children snacks or a meal during the performance. 





Our performer will be wearing heels/shoes throughout the duration of the party. If weather conditions are bad, we suggest having a towel/mat for her to wipe her feet on before she enters your home/venue. If shoes cannot be worn in your home/venue, please inform us at least 7 days prior to the party so we can add this note to your party file.


What if I need to cancel or postpone my party?


Once you pay the retainer fee of $50 (per character) and fill out our booking form, we add your booking onto our calendar for you. This means we do not take other bookings for the time and date you booked for.  Our performer locks this date into her schedule and books off work from other jobs .  If you booked with us (by filling out the booking form and paying the retainer fee) and then did have to reschedule a party, due to an emergency ( including a covid diagnosis or a covid close contact ) , that would not be a problem.   As mentioned above, we have not booked anything else for your time and date, but we completely understand the need to be flexible right now. 

This retainer payment is non-refundable, however in case of emergency,  the retainer payment  can be transferred to another date/time that our character is available within 6 months of your original booking date.  If you choose not to reschedule,  we would keep your retainer payment.  Please know, if for any reason our princess cannot come to your event  OR if there is another  provincial lockdown where social gatherings are not permitted, we would refund your retainer payment. 





Liability, Terms & Conditions


We care about the safety of your children and guests- there must be a responsible parent or adult present at all times, to monitor and oversee all children. Our priority in entertaining your guests- our characters will not be able to discipline children who are misbehaving and will not be able to handle medical emergencies.  By booking a party with Magic At My Door here are the liability terms you agree to: 


 I understand having my guests participate in a party involves a certain amount of risk (including but not limited to illness, allergic reaction,  physical activity, makeup, glitter, Temporary Tattoos, games and dancing, etc.) I release “Magic At My Door- Entertainment and Events” and their executives, agents, performers, freelance sub-contractors, and employees from any claims, actions, causes of actions, damages, costs, liabilities, expenses or judgments, including attorneys fees and court costs, arising from my party guests participation in any Magic At My Door party activities.  I shall be held responsible for any injury or illness to myself, my child, my invited party guests, their children, their assigns, heirs, and agents for any injury or loss or injury to property while Magic At My Door performers are performing at my party.  

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