How to have a Great Party 



We want to provide you with the BEST party possible! In order for our character to deliver her very best performance, we will need your cooperation with a few details. Please read the following:


Space and Requirements For the Entertainment 


For your party, our performer requires a chair, with enough room for the children to sit comfortably on the floor in front. This chair needs to be set up in a location that is right next to an electric outlet(for her speaker). We ask our customers to please provide a smoke-free environment for our performer. For The Royal package- Please put away all toys and limit other entertainment/ distractions ( ex. bouncy castle, play sets  etc) during the interactive performance section of the party. 



Environment. Indoor parties = Good Idea


We find that overall, princess parties work best inside, we strongly suggest keeping the princess portion of your party indoor. If you are set on having an outdoor party, we would require the following: 



- ALL princess parties and visit must take place inside from October 1st to June 1st


- The ground and performing area must be fully dry, free of thorny bushes, mud, or standing water. Wet grass or even slightly damp grass and mud will cause irreparable damage to our gowns and she will not be able to perform on this surface. For outdoor bookings, having the performer on a solid surface, such as concrete or wood, is best (not grass). If she is performing on grass, it must be 100% dry. 


- Our characters will not be allowed to stay outside if there is even light rain. You must have an inside location planned as a backup OR a suitable outdoor cover that would mean she does not get wet. 


- For the Safety of the performer , and to ensure the children and the performer do not get overheated, please make sure that performing area is in a shaded area (out of direct sunlight). 



- Pool parties- as long as all outdoor requirements above are met, we are happy to attend parties with pools, however, our character is not able to go near the pool, as the chlorine water will damage our gowns. Please make sure the children have dried off before hugging and interacting with our character. To make the most of your booking time, we strongly suggest limiting access to the pool while the character is at your party. 




Timing is Everything


It is very important that you allow your guests more than enough time to arrive, or eat if you are having a meal before the entertainment. In fairness to other bookings delaying a character’s  start is often not an option. Our performer will not be able to “stay over” the time she has been booked for. 



Grand Entrance/Exit


To make her entrance/exit magical for your guests- Our entertainer will call you 5 minutes before entering and may need help to bring in/ out her party case and speaker.  Handy Tip- Remember to close the blinds inside your house/hall if you want to keep the princess a surprise for the children!  



Parking and Finding your Home/ Venue


Our performer will require parking- Ideally a spot on the driveway is preferred ( or close to the entrance). In order for our princess to enter on time, it is very important  to provide us with accurate and detailed parking instructions. If you are planning to have the performer park on the street or in a “paid” parking zone ( and parking is limited in your area) it is very important to save a spot for the performer.  Please know, it is your responsibility to pay for any parking fees (if applicable). Please be sure to provide suitable directions/ instructions if your address is hard to find, you are having a party in a condo/apartment, or if your address does not come up properly on a GPS device or on google maps.



Food- Feeding the Children During the Entertainment 


Please know, some of our performers have nut allergies,  for the health and safety of our performers, please keep all food items containing nuts out of the performance room and away from our performers.  For various reasons we ask that you please do not feed children snacks or a meal during the performance. 



Parents Who Watch the Performance

We find that adults often enjoy the Character’s performance just as much as the kids do! Our Characters love it when adults watch the show with their kids, however there is nothing more distracting than adults having loud conversations in the same room or the next room over. If some adults choose not to watch the entertainment then that is fine, but please try and plan for enough space between the show and the room where the adults are gathering so the children can get the most out of the performance. We do require at least one adult to be present during the performance.




Terms and Conditions & FAQ 


Booking Retainer/Deposit/Booking Fee


Please note, we cannot “pencil in” dates and times on the calendar without a booking fee/deposit/Booking retainer. The Booking retainer/Deposit/Booking fee payment is non refundable.  We require a deposit/booking retainer/booking fee for each characteryou book, If you have booked a party with 2+ characters, and you decide to keep the booking but cancel one of the characters, we will be happy to cancel the extra character, but you will lose your Deposit payment /booking retainer payment for that character.  




We would take your deposit payment/booking retainer  via PAYPAL, Visa Debit, Credit Card or Email Money Transfer. The remaining balance is then due to be paid 7 days before your booking date. (we will invoice you approximately 10 days before your booking.) 




We care about the safety of your children and guests- there must be a responsible parent or adult present at all times, to monitor and oversee all children. Our priority in entertaining your guests- our characters will not be able to discipline children who are misbehaving and will not be able to handle medical emergencies.  By booking a party with Magic At My Door and by paying a deposit/ booking retainer  with us, here are the liability terms you agree to: 


I understand having my guests participate in a party involves a certain amount of risk (including but not limited to illness,  physical activity, makeup, glitter, Temporary Tattoos, games and dancing, etc.) I release “Magic At My Door- Entertainment and Events” and their executives, agents, performers, freelance sub-contractors, and employees from any claims, actions, causes of actions, damages, costs, liabilities, expenses or judgments, including attorneys fees and court costs, arising from my party guests participation in any Magic At My Door party activities.  I shall be held responsible for any injury or illness to myself, my child, my invited party guests, their children, their assigns, heirs, and agents for any injury or loss or injury to property while Magic At My Door performers are performing at my party.  



Important Notes 


★  We strongly recommend staying within our recommended party numbers. Please know, we would include all children of walking age who will be in the room in your counted party numbers.  Our performer will alter or take out some of the party activities if you have over this number of children.  


★  Please note, the package you have booked and the remaining balance you are due to pay cannot be changed on the day of the party. 


★Please know, some of our performers have severe nut allergies, for the health and safety of our performers, please keep all nut products out of the performance room.  For various reasons we ask that you please do not feed children snacks or a meal during the performance.  


★  If at any point our performer feels unsafe or threatened, she will leave your party immediately and no refund will be offered. Please ensure the environment our performer is walking into is positive and safe. Our company has the right to cancel any booking if we do not feel conditions will be appropriate to send a performer. 


★  Our performer will be wearing heels/shoes throughout the duration of the party. If weather conditions are bad, we suggest having a towel/mat for her to wipe her feet on before she enters your home/venue. If shoes cannot be worn in your home/venue, please inform us at least 7 days prior to the party so we can add this note to your party file.




Additional information



★   In light of COVID-19 We ask that all party parents please promote hand washing at your parties throughout to ensure the Health and Safety of your guests and our performer. Make sure your home/venue has liquid soap at the ready so that kids & adults can wash their hands upon arrival and also before/after eating food. It is vital this is provided not just for the kids but for our entertainers also.  We ask that you remind guests with flu-like symptoms to stay home. We will happily sign extra autographs to send to children unable to attend.


★   Party Timing and Party activities - Our party activities and packages are timed perfectly and our characters are all trained on how to time their parties and fit in all activities. Our character will do everything she can to fit in all advertised package activities, but if some activities run long due to circumstances outside her control (or if activity requests are made by yourself on the day) she may need to cut some activities from the package in order to finish on time. 

The activities we offer in our packages are subject to change depending on circumstances beyond our control.  In light of COVID-19, our performer will use her discretion with regards to one the one on one activity (Dazzling Sparkles/ Tattoos). For Example- If she observes children who are sick, children who have dirty hands/ faces, or children who have just eaten without their washing hands/faces, she may choose to cut this activity and will offer other fun interactive activities instead. 



★  If you have booked a package which includes our “Amazing Interactive Performance” and other activities are taking place at your party that distract a large number of children from the entertainment, then our performer may need to cut her “Amazing Interactive Performance” short and turn the remaining part of your booking time into a character meet and greet.  Examples of activities that may distract the children from our party entertainment include: a bouncy castle, a swimming pool, a playground, toys, another entertainer/host, a large “banquet style” hall where the children can run around and play, a DJ, food being served, background noise that prevents the children from hearing the character speak. If you would like to have our character do our “Amazing Interactive Performance”, please book entertainment/characters from other companies at a different time to our character. 


★  During our “Amazing Interactive Performance”, we suggest keeping background noise and adults speaking to a minimum so our entertainer can be heard. (please quiet down other activities while this performance activity is taking place) Please know, it is absolutely fine to have other activities and loud background noise going on during our “photo section” and during our “Dazzling Sparkles Application” activity. 


★  Package Changes- Please note, we have a set party routine that has been tried and tested at over 7000 parties, so we suggest keeping our packages as they are. If you have a special request, we can often make little changes to our party structure but please make sure that you discuss any requests and special party requirements with us before booking to make sure your request is possible. 


★  If you have a balloon artist attending your party, we suggest scheduling the balloon artist to perform after our character leaves your party.



Frequently asked questions


What if I need to cancel or postpone my party?


A non refundable deposit/retainer/booking fee is required  to book your party. 


Once we receive your Retainer Fee/Deposit/booking fee , we will reserve your desired time and date for you on the performer’s schedule. Once you have booked with us, and you decide to cancel, we will keep your Retainer Fee/Deposit/booking fee and gladly work with you to find an alternate party date for your consideration, based on availability. In order to transfer the deposit to another date, the new party date must be within 2 years of your initial booking date. ( this has been extended from 1 month to 2 years, in light of COVID 19)   We are happy to transfer your deposit/retainer/booking fee and reschedule your party 1 time with that initial deposit/retainer payment. If you cancel/reschedule a second time we would retain your deposit payment/retainer /booking fee (you would lose that deposit/retainer/booking fee). If you wished to book again, full payment up front would be required to secure a date/time onto our calendar. 


 Please note, the rescheduled party must be of equal value to the initial booking that was made.  If cancelling within 12 hours of party time, the full remaining balance will still be due to our company. If for any reason our performer turns up to your party (date, time and location stated on your confirmation document), and no one is there, the full remaining balance is still due to our company. Another deposit/retainer/booking fee will be required to solidify a future booking.  We require a deposit /retainer/booking fee for each character  you book, If you have booked a party with 2+ characters, and you decide to keep the booking but cancel one of the characters, we will be happy to cancel the extra character, but you will lose your deposit/retainer/booking fee for that character.  


Please know, In light of COVID 19, we now offer 2 years to reschedule, if you need to make the tough decision to postpone your party, you still have PLENTY of time to get healthy and celebrate once everyone can safely join in on the fun. Should you cancel your party, your deposit/retainer/booking fee will not be returned, however we will do our best to work with you to find an alternate date within 2 years of your original party date. 


We only require a small deposit/ booking fee/ retainer to book a party. If you decide to pay for your party fully in advance, the same conditions above apply. Any pre-payment will not be refunded.  For this reason, We strongly recommend only paying the deposit/retainer/booking fee in advance, and then paying the remaining balance 7 days before the event.  


In case of extreme situations and “acts of god” (dangerous snow, severe ice, flooding, severe world event, health pandemic, official request/order from government  or local agencies to stay home, etc) -  No refunds are made under any circumstances including extreme situation or acts of God. If it is unsafe for our performer to come your party, we will be happy to transfer your Deposit / retainer fee/ booking fee/ pre payment towards another agreed upon date and time within 2 years. In this situation, we will be in touch with you as soon as possible to reschedule. 



What happens if my guests arrive late?

We suggest inviting the children to arrive AT LEAST 30 minutes before our character's arrival time, that way if children are a few minutes late they won't miss our character's grand entrance. We have booked your party in our performer’s schedule, and therefore cannot be delayed as they have a schedule to keep. If some of your guests are late, we recommend that they join in the party upon arrival.


Can I request a certain performer/actress? 

When you get booked in for a character appearance we guarantee that you will get the specific character you booked but we unfortunately cannot guarantee a specific actress/performer. We only hire the best and most talented actresses, who are all trained to deliver the same “magical experience”. We will be unable to take bookings that require a specific performer/actress.





It is not the intention of “Magic At my Door” to violate any copyright laws. Our character friends are not name brand copyrighted characters. Our characters are generic with inspiration gathered from many telling’s of the most popular storybook characters.  We can only accept bookings from individuals who are aware that we do not represent any licensed characters. Any resemblance to internationally known copyrighted characters is incidental. If you are requiring a licensed, copyrighted character for your event you should contact the company /copyright holders. 

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