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60 minutes $229+ HST and up*


ALL parties include:
  • Magical Crowning Ceremony including Rhinestone Tiara and themed certificate for the birthday child

  • Special Autograph Card Keepsake for each child to take home

  • Happy Birthday Sing Along

  • Photo time - Get your cameras ready, our princess will pose for pictures and meet and greet with your guests  (up to 10 minutes) 


PLUS… Our AMAZING interactive performance.
All activities will be themed around the character who is attending your party. For a 60 minute party, you can choose FOUR of the activities below. 

Sing Along/Dancing Activity

Your character will sing along and dance to a couple signature songs from her film.  The princess will teach the children fun actions that go with the songs - she will then lead a super fun and interactive sing along to the songs and get all your little guests to sing and dance along with her! 

Fun Imagination and Adventure Games

Your character will play themed music and will play games with the children.  The children will be encouraged to use their imagination throughout the games. Example of games the character could play: Hide and Hunt game, Themed Freeze Dance game, Scarf play game etc. 

Interactive Storytime

As the tale unfolds, your character shares her story in a magical way, of how she became a Princess... Fairy.... Unicorn or Wayfinder ! The Birthday girl and all of her guests will participate in this exciting tale.

Amazing Magic Trick Performance

Watch carefully and don't look away- Your character will perform an impressive magic trick routine that will amaze all children AND EVEN ADULTS at your party.  

Dazzling Sparkles or Temporary Tattoo Application (up to 10 children)
Princess & Prince Lessons 

Your character will teach all of your little princes and princesses how to bow, curly, wave and twirl like a real prince or princess. Get your cameras ready for this special moment- The children will take a royal "Kindness Oath" and be declared as real princes and princesses!

For smaller parties, your character can transform the children into SPARKLlNG princesses OR apply fun and vibrant temporary Tattoos on each child.  (This activity is only offered when count of children is under 10)  

Happy Birthday Sing Along with Cake (up to 10 minutes)
Parade (Best for large spaces)

This is a very special time as your character, the birthday child, and their guests participate in a Royal Parade, set perfectly to music. (Don’t forget your camera for this magical moment!)

Would you like our character to be part of your cake cutting ceremony? OR have her sing happy birthday with the cake? When you select this activity option, she can spend up to 10 minutes of the party joining you for this special moment.  

Extra Photo Time (up to 10 minutes)

Our package ALREADY includes up to 10 minutes of photo time, but sometimes that's not enough for certain events . When you select this activity option you get EXTRA photo time with the character. (up to 10 minutes extra)

Magical Extras!

  • Multiple Characters

  • Additional Celebrants

*The pricing listed above is for the following areas: Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton


Our characters cover most of GTA, other areas will be charged an additional travel fee.

Please GET IN TOUCH for a custom quote, including the travel fee to your location. 

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