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Our Glass Slipper Package includes Makeup, Games, Storytime and much more!
  • 1 character
  • Interactive Story time
  • Interactive Sing Along/Dancing

  • 2-3 Magical Games

  • Royal Crowning including Rhinestone Tiara and official princess certificate for the birthday girl

  • Photo Opportunities

  • Special Autograph Card for each child

  • Magical Parade

  • Happy Birthday sing-along


From: $195

Our Ruby Slipper Package allows for up to 25 children to attend. Perfect for when you are inviting the whole class!



The Ruby Slipper Package  is ideal when you want 13-20 children to attend but only want to book 1 hour. This package is similar to the glass slipper package but we do not include the makeup portion. 


up to 20 children


60 minutes 


Ruby Slipper Package

Frequently Asked Questions

I noticed that this package does not include makeup, What if I to want to have the princess do makeup on the children?


The ruby slipper package does not include any makeup. If you would like to book a package with makeup please book the glass slipper package (60 minutes up to 12 children) or the diamond slipper package (90 minutes for up to 20 children).


I noticed that this package is the same length of time as the glass slipper package but has less activities listed, why is that? 


This package is meant for people who wish to have more children come along to the party but do not want a makeup portion. Instead of the makeup portion our princess will do extra games with the children. Since there are more children in attendance, this package also allows more time for the photo opportunities and autographs. 



How does a Ruby Slipper princess party normally run?


Our suggestion is to invite the children at least 15 minutes before the princess' start time. Get the children there and get them settled so they are ready for the princess' grand entrance! The princess will be in full character from the time she enters until the time she exits your party. The princess will be there for 60 minutes in this package. After the princess leaves is a great time to do the food portion of your party! ( you can also do your food portion first and have the princess come along for the last 60 minutes)


What if I want to book more than one character?


Please get in touch and we can provide you with a quote for this! 

Full Entertainment Princess Party Package

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